Pajama Sunday

James Dewhurst December 29, 2019

Pajama Sunday

(Family Discussion Questions) Theme Scripture for today’s lesson:


What is one of the funnest or most enjoyable things that you or your family experienced this past year?
What is one of the most painful or challenging things that you or your family endured this past year?

Did you or your family learn anything valuable from your experiences in 2019?
What are some of the biggest things personally and as a family that you believe

need to be readjusted going into 2020?
What do see that needs to change, in order to make those adjustments?

After reflecting on the past year, and identifying so,Ed areas that need to change, what do you believe God wants you and your family to focus on in 2020?
Take a few minutes either alone or with your family and identify some spiritual goals you want to focus on and achieve over the next year.
Closing: Spend a few moments gathering hands as a family or alone with the Lord praying over your future plans and ask God for strength, focus and wisdom for 2020.