Our theme for Real Women this year is Revolutionary.

The essence of the Church of Jesus, the Bride of Christ, is that we are revolutionary, we are unique, we stand out by our great love for the One who has given us everything. That we stand firm and unwavering in our faith and confidence in Jesus Christ.


  • Adjective // involving or causing a complete or dramatic change:

A revolutionary person fearlessly advocates for radical change. Revolutionary people and ideas challenge the status quo and might be willing to upset the natural order to achieve their goals. Like the word Revolve, it’s all about turning things around.

This is exactly what the Gospel is all about.  The Radical change that Jesus brings to every life that is touched by His grace. WE are made for just a time as this.  God has not stopped working and calling us to be His hands and feet to this dark and dying world, to be His mouthpiece crying out to others to turn their hearts to the Creator and Redeemer of all things.  Now is the wake-up call. Now is the time for us to awaken from our slumber. Now is the time to be REVOLUTIONARY!  

When we allow Jesus to change us into His new creation, we can’t help but be revolutionary in every aspect of our lives. That’s why everything we say and do this year with our Real Women will focus on being revolutionary in some way. Check out our upcoming Summer Events below and be sure to register. You won’t want to miss anything God is doing!


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