I Love My City is a week that we designate once a year to love and serve the communities surrounding REAL. During this week we meet REAL practical needs and impact REAL lives. REAL Church believes that church doesn’t just happen inside of our walls, it also happens outside of our walls. "Make a Move" and sign up to serve in a community today.

Community Transformation & Influence

There should be things our community can point to and say "this wouldn't be here or this issue would be worse if it weren't for the church." The community should be able to point to more than a "service" about Jesus, but also to the service FOR Jesus.

Serve to Share

People want to see the Good News before they hear it. Our world wants something real; they are tired of words. Real is everything, real is convincing. They are asking "where can I see the love of God"? It is not enough to know what is right. We must also DO what is right.

Good Works

People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

 1 John 3:18
Stop saying we love each other and start to show it. 

#ILMC 2024 Event

Click an event below for details or to sign up today!

Help out by bringing in supplies for the cake event! 
Supply List
  • 9x13 rectangle foil cake pans w/lids
  • Cake mix
  • Cake icing
  • Sprite, Starry or 7up cans of pop
  • Small packs of candles
  • Small packs of balloons
  • Whisks

volunteer for zayne's cancer journey

Help support Zayne's Cancer journey by volunteering at the Second Annual Bulldog Invitational Baseball Tournament! It is shaping up to be something special but it can't be done without help. Step up to the plate & knock cancer out of the park!
Proceeds benefit Zayne Reis and the Zayne Train fund.
Click below to Volunteer.
Saturday & Sunday.
June 29th & 30th

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